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We create integral projects with the use of RFID technology for the logistics, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and social network industries, among others.
  • Control and traceability of assets.
  • Large information storage capacity.
  • Accuracy and reliability of readings.
  • Uso de una plataforma web y/o móvil según el proyecto.
  • Uso de una etiqueta que contiene un EPC (código electrónico de producto) único.
  • Posibilidad de integración a sistemas ERP / WMS / entre otros.
  • Identify products, merchandise or people intelligently.
  • Capture data and events during movements or processes.
  • Share with third parties, other members of the chain, with common and relevant data.
RFID tags

We have a wide range of RFID tags, for different projects and industry needs.

Recreational parks
Increase the experience of your visitors through a bracelet through which they can make electronic payments.
Essential application
For inventory control in general.
Track and save personal and unique information about your livestock.
Track your packages, take optimal control of your shipments and warehouses.
Clothing label
Ideal for theft prevention and identification in the warehouse.
Ideal para prevención de robo e identificación en almacén.
Ideal for theft prevention and identification through tunnels or antennas at access doors.

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Some of our projects


Beverage industry
An Internet of Things and commerce project with RFID technology, which allows the control and traceability of the jugs to be checked.
Inventory Managment



Ideal system for inventory control, which helps to take control of assets through Radio Frequency technology for the generation of reports and monitoring in real time.
Intelligent control system



Managing the warehouse is now easier!<br /> ICS is an easy-to-implement, real-time warehouse control system.
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