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UX/UI Design
We design platforms focused on the interaction between the user and the device, using the best practices and interface lines suggested by each environment; with the objective of establishing the components and micro-interactions to formulate the visual appeal of a product.
  • Improve the perception of your brand.
  • Increase sales.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Definition of unique objectives of the company.
  • Use of UX methodologies.
  • Prototype validation with users.
Design and prototyping tools
UX / UI Consulting

Starting from an existing digital platform (web or mobile), we carry out an in-depth analysis of the system in order to obtain important information for making decisions about the future design and architecture of the system.

Discover platform

This is an analysis of the current behavior of the system. We identify: access points, generation of heat maps, specific points of interest, among others.

Heuristic usability test

This is a test that is carried out in order to analyze the ease with which users interact with the tool, in order to achieve a specific objective.

User analysis

We seek to perfectly understand who is the user of the system, identify insights and behaviors, as well as evaluate the life cycle within the platform.

Evaluation of interface design and functionalities

We evaluate the current design, distribution of sections, homologation of fonts and good design practices, as well as the functionalities of the platform.

Competition analysis

We analyze direct and indirect competition and identify strengths and weaknesses, creating a competitive product in the market.

Design proposal and improvement actions

The design recommendations and necessary improvement actions at a functional level are implemented in a timely manner, based on the results of the previous investigations described.

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Some of our projects


UI / UX redesign of GMM tracking modules for portal “I am a customer” and car accident portal for agents. In addition, the usability analysis of the GNP agents app.
Bambu-Mobile | Grupo Castores


Logistics / API / eCommerce

This is a successful digital transformation that, through the development of a web platform, a profile for the site’s clients, and the development of an API, other platforms will be able to make use of its services.



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